Students dress up to show their spirit

Nancy Lozano
Sporting their royal garb, seniors Anais Anderson and Camille Uy got with the spirit of the homecoming dress up days.

Kristin Gooding, Writer

We’ve got spirit, how about you? Homecoming week was September 10-14, and it was full of dress-up days and spirit wear.

Monday, September 10, was royalty day, students and teachers put a crown on or dressed like their favorite Disney prince or princess.

Tuesday, September 11, was space day. Students dressed up as a range of space-themed attire including everything from aliens to NASA to Star Wars.

Many students dressed as aliens with space buns or they just threw on a NASA shirt. The students of the UIL Theatre Production class all dressed up as timeless characters from Star Wars such as Princess Leia and Darth Vader.

Wednesday, September 12, was TV family group. Students gathered up their group of friends and dressed as their favorite TV families or friends.  Many people wore an iconic “Friends” shirt or even dressed up extremely similar to characters on TV.

Thursday, September 13, was throwback Thursday. Students brought their elementary/middle school attire out of retirement to reminisce of the good old days.

Friday, September 14, was Code Navy day. Students wore SHS shirts, mums and garters decorated in navy, orange and white with plenty of bells, ribbons, and even some with LED lights.