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The Stampede is a student-run publication.  Editors and staff members plan and produce all work.  All Sachse students and faculty are encouraged to submit letters to the editor and story ideas to ensure The Stampede staff covers the entire school community.


No material will be printed which is libelous, irresponsible, advocates an illegal activity or which the editorial board and/or adviser deems in poor taste.

Letters to the editor must be signed in order to be considered for publication.

The staff encourages constructive criticism of any part of the publication, before or after distribution.


All photographs are copyright protected.  It is illegal to reproduce any photos on this site.


All advertising accepted by the staff must meet the same guidelines as the content policy. We reserve the right to reject any ads deemed inappropriate for the publication’s intended audience.

Acceptance of advertising does not constitute an endorsement by the journalism staff, the school’s administration, faculty, staff, students or the Garland Independent School District. The advertising program and rates are specifically detailed in the ad packet.


All readers are encouraged to contact The Stampede staff in the event of finding a mistake.  Corrections and/or clarifications will be posted immediately.

Letters to the Editor

All Letters to the Editor and comments must be signed with a full name.  Letters and comments that are not signed may not be printed/approved.  The Stampede staff reserves the right to publish letters to the editor and/or internet comments in the online or print version of The Stampede.  Letters and comments may be edited for content and grammar without changing the purpose of the letter.

Contact Information

The Stampede Newspaper Staff, Sachse High School, 3901 Miles Rd, Sachse, TX 75048

Email: [email protected]

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