Band not stopped by construction


Nancy Lozano

Sophomore McKenna Golen rehearses with the band in the parking lot. Because of construction, the band is rehearsing outside more than in previous years.

Kristin Gooding, Writer

Imagine having more than 200 students in a cramped classroom that is under construction and filled with equipment and supplies. That’s what the Sachse Mustang Band is currently enduring.

The band hall is cut in half because of the expansion of the band hall and choir room, leaving the band with a much smaller space to practice. The band also has one less storage room this year which leaves many band kids to find a place to store their instruments, water jugs and other essential items for practice.  It’s been difficult for the band, but they’ve made it work because they know how important this year is.

This year is a state year for the marching band, meaning that this year they are able to advance to the state level of competition. Just because it is a state year, does not mean that rehearsals have changed from previous years.

“If you rehearse differently because it’s a state year you’re not a state level band. It’s a tradition of excellence,” band director Holly Taylor said

Taylor said even though they’re gaining some space from the construction they’re also losing some space that they already had because the choir area is also being expanded. The addition will be about 2000 square feet.

Unfortunately, the band will be without a complete band hall for the entire school year. Taylor said, “The last I heard the new addition part was projected to be finished around December but once that’s finished we have to move out of this area into that smaller area and figure out how that’s going to function while they re-do this current area.”

The construction is supposed to be finished around July of 2019 just in time for band camp.