Students insight on Mustang Report

Taylor Sampson, Staff Writer

Mustang Report entertains, informs, and educates the student body at Sachse. Directed by students, the weekly videos are iconic to Sachse’s traditions.

Junior Jocelyn Rush shares that she loves the different aspects these videos have to offer to the student body.

“Mustang report includes all the upcoming events, and it lets people know what’s going on with extracurriculars,” she said.

The students in Mustang Report joined for various reasons. Rush said she joined for the digital audio and editing aspect of the crew.

“I took digital and audio editing, loved it, so I joined Mustang Report to get hands-on experience for it.”

Along with editing, students can direct and even act or report and be in the videos.

Junior Cody Nguyen along with other students that watch the weekly report enjoy seeing familiar faces on the screen with occasional features of students being interviewed.

“It’s cool to see all the fun stuff they do on the report,” he said. “It also shows how diverse our community is and how many different opinions and perspectives we have.”

All in all, Mustang Report is a great student lead view into the opinions, upcoming events, and various stories we have going on here at Sachse.