Proposals: Homecoming Edition

Taylor Sampson, Staff Writer

Whether going to homecoming with friends or a significant other, the steps leading up to going to the dance with another person is stressful.

So what is the difference between going as friends or as a couple? Why are the two significant in the homecoming culture? What goes into asking someone to homecoming in general?

“Asking someone to homecoming is a really big thing,” junior Riley Belcher said. “It can help create new relationships or strengthen old ones.”

Lots goes into asking someone to homecoming, too. You can ask people in different ways,and it can vary depending on if you are going as friends or as a couple.

“Asking someone as a friend would be a simple text or maybe a small poster,” Belcher said. “ It is almost like going with them just to have someone with you, not in a romantic way.”

Posters for friends or groups going together wouldn’t be a big deal. It may include a small pun or inside joke, but nothing with much effort.

Asking someone to homecoming romantically could be a bigger deal than platonic homecoming proposals. Romantically you could be dating already or in a talking stage.

“You’re able to get the whole experience of homecoming if you are already dating someone,” she said. “A big sign proposal, maybe some gifts, and taking pictures before homecoming would all be things you could do with your boyfriend or girlfriend after they ask you.”

Junior Kameryn Gilson said most people will be in a talking stage and get asked to homecoming by the person they are talking to.

“The two will usually get together shortly after or when they get asked to homecoming,” she said. “Homecoming sparks relationships, especially if the two people have a crush on each other.”

This doesn’t mean platonic friends couldn’t go to homecoming together. It’s actually more common for a group of friends to go all together, rather than everyone having a set date they stick with.

“The traditional homecoming experience is to go with your significant other, or crush,” she said. “I think homecoming has evolved into a more flexible and platonic formal hang out deal.”