2022-2023 class officers elected

Kella Burleson, Staff Writer

The new sophomore, junior and senior class officers have been elected for the 2022-2023 school year.

“As a class officer you have to be pretty creative and open to new ideas to work well with the other officers,” 2023 class officer Gabby Jones said. “We make the banners and do the setup for homecoming week, and now as a senior, we have senior brunch and prom to plan, too.”

Running all four years, Jones has quite a bit of experience doing the planning and fundraising that’s included.

“From freshman year to now it’s just been a lot of fundraisers,” Jones said. “I’m excited to be planning the activities we’ve been fundraising for all these years.”

Even though class presidents have changed this year, most of them have already run previous years.

“Last year as vice president I didn’t do too much, but I’ve already been approached multiple times with ideas for homecoming and such–which can get pretty overwhelming,” 2025 class president Austin Young said. “I love that I’m able to help around the school like this, and I feel like it’s building leadership skills for college.”

Class presidents and officers aren’t just responsible for decorations and fundraising though. It takes plenty of time and responsibility.

“We have to watch over our class and make sure everything goes according to plan, so we have a really successful school year,” 2024 class president Cooper Reed said.

Even through all the planning and responsibilities, the class officers manage to still have a good time with each other.

“It’s a really fun experience to get to hang out with all the different officers,” Reed said. “I enjoy getting to know everyone and planning a good year with them.”

The new 2023 class officers are: President Chasry Supelana, vice president Peyton Jones, and class officers Elena Arteaga, Eric Duggan, Madison Galaviz, George Igwe, Collin Jarvis, Gabby Jones and Lindsay Nguyen.

The new 2024 class officers are: President Cooper Reed, vice president Ethan Williamson, and class officers Jamie’ Chetty, Rachel Coleman, Fabrizio Compean, Hailey Cruz, Lauren Guillory, Abigail Jesmer and Taylor Scott.

The new 2025 class officers are: President Austin Young, vice president Braedyn Watkins, and class officers Amir Bland, Akayla Butler, Annsley Creel, Hibana George, Avery Newman, Ahmari Riddick and Taber Torres.