Showstoppers end year with show and tryouts


Courtesy of Coach Raheem Mitchell

Showstoppers JaNya Prewitt, Sina George, Jerica Pritchett Collins, Taylor Sumler, Trinity Cole, Camilla Santibanez, Lilliana Hudson, Tajai Mauldin, Aryanna Merriweather and Wendi Ussery perform at a competition.

Roneillia Wint, Staff Writer

After a successful spring competition season, the Showstoppers will end the year with their spring show on May 18 and tryouts for next year’s team May 23-26.

The performance is in the auditorium, and doors will open at 6 p.m. Tickets are $5.

Spring show is a chance for step team members to showcase the steps and dance moves they have learned throughout the year all in one show.

“I love to see each year the new steppers grow throughout the year,” Coach Raheem Mitchell said. “That’s one of my favorite things. From the beginning–they don’t know how to keep a beat, their precision is sloppy, they don’t have any vocals–to being very sharp and precise and having personality on stage. It’s a wonderful thing to see the progression of a stepper.

The “Newbies vs. Veterans’ ‘ battle will start the show.  Then step team members will perform solos, duets and trios. At the end they will all come together for one final routine.

In the “Newbies vs. Veterans” battle, veteran team members compete as a group against first year members. The two teams will be judged, and the winning team will be announced at the end of the show.

“We can show everybody that we’ve improved since we started,” newbie sophomore Marrisa Reed said.

This is just the second year, the Showstoppers have had a spring show, but the members highly anticipate it.

“I am most excited because we are going to win,” newbie freshman Kaitlyn Trammel said.

The veterans do feel they have a chance.

“I feel like if we keep our dedication and our motivation, we could definitely beat the newbies,” veteran junior Trinity Cole said. “But, I have seen them practice recently, and they have really good formations.”

The week after the show, the team will be busy with tryouts for next year’s team. 

“A potential stepper has to learn a routine. They have three days to learn it and to perform it,” Mitchell said. “If they know it, and if they have what they need to be a dynamic stepper, they’ll make the team.”

Mitchell said he highly encourages boys to try out because he wants the team to  be co-ed. He also said it’s another outlet for boys to get involved at school. 

 “I am skeptical about going co-ed,” freshman Tajai Maudlin said, “because I don’t know how the boys will be.”

Others said it will help the team improve.

 “I love the girls, but we just need a little spice,” freshman Taylor Sumler said. “It is going to be hard to win first place with co-ed, but we’re gonna eat them up either way.”

With the season coming to an end, the Showstoppers have had a season with three wins, and after being neck and neck with their biggest competition, Ladies of Dynasty, they finally beat them on April 16.

“I think the team has done phenomenally,” Mitchell said. “I’m really proud of their accomplishments.”