12 athletes advance to area track meet

Roneillia Wint, Staff Writer

Twelve members of the varsity boys and girls track teams will be moving on to the regional track meet this weekend after placing in the top four of their individual events at the area meet April 21. 

The girls varsity track team also placed second at the meet with Rockwall taking first place.

Senior Kennedy Swann has had an outstanding season so far placing 1st in the 100 meter dash, 2nd in the 200 meter dash and 4th in the high jump at the area meet.

She also placed second on the 4×100 meter relay along with junior Ciana Shed, sophomore Hannah Lowe and senior Kiera Hood-Miles.

“It’s pretty exciting because this is what we’ve been working for,” Swann said, “and to actually do it, is very exciting.” 

Swan has broken four school records this season and has improved on her technique each time.

“After district we worked on my block starts because my block starts were bad,” Swann said, “so getting out more and being more bouncy when I run.”

Junior La’zariah Bethany placed 2nd in both the 400 meter dash and triple jump, and 4th in the 4×400 meter relay along with Shed, sophomore Cate Tempelmeyer and junior Macy Taylor.

Lowe placed 3rd in both the 100 meter dash and 200 meter dash in addition to her spot on the 4×100 meter relay team.

In shot put, sophomore Favor Anyanwu placed 1st, and junior Kennedy Progue placed 3rd.

Three boys will be moving on to regionals in individual events.  Senior Drew Nickerson placed 2nd in triple jump,  junior Grayson King placed 3rd in high jump and Kojo Sekyere placed third in the 200 meter dash.

“This year our team’s goal has been ‘input equals output’,” Coach Alison Patterson said. “We believe in what our athletes can do, and getting them to believe in what they can do, but ultimately seeing them do it and the excitement that comes with it.”

Leading up to the area track meet, several school records have been set or broken. This year was the first time in school history for the girls track team to finish 1st in the district track meet.

Girls District Meet Results
Discus: Favor Anyanwu 1st
Shot Put: Favor Anyanwu 1st, Kennedy Progue 4th
High jump: Kennedy Swann 4th
Long jump: Kennedy Swann 1st, La’zariah Bethany 4th
Triple jump: La’zariah Bethany 1st and set a new school record
Pole vault: Peyton Brown 3rd, Amy Coleman 4th
300m hurdles: Kennedy Wesley 4th
100m: Kennedy Swann 1st and set a new school record, Hannah Lowe 2nd 
200m: Kennedy Swann 1st and set a new school record, Hannah Lowe 2nd, Keira Hood-Miles 4th
400m: La’zariah Bethany 1st, Cate Templemeyer 3rd
800m: Maddie Herrera 1st
1600m : Maddie Herrera 2nd, Anna Eischen 4th
3200m: Maddie Herrera 3rd, Anna Eischen 4th
4x100m relay: 1st with Peyton Brown, Keira Hood-Miles, Sakiah Logan and Hannah Lowe
4x400m relay: 1st with Cate Templemeyer, Macy Taylor, Kennedy Swann and La’zariah Bethany

The  boys team finished third overall in team total points.

Boys District Meet Results
High jump: Grayson King 2nd
Long jump: Kaliq Lockett 4th
Triple jump: Drew Nickerson 1st, Kaliq Lockett 3rd
Pole vault: Cooper Reed 4th
200m: Kojo Sekere 2nd
800m: Haris Dunic 3rd
1600m: Haris Dunic 4th
4x100m relay: 3rd with Kamryn Harry, Amechi Ofili, Courtlin Scott and Kojo Sekyere
4x200m relay: 4th with Courtlin Scott, Grayson King, Kojo Sekyere and Micah Beard

 “A lot of our athletes really competed well,” Coach Torrance Williams said. “They put up some personal bests for the season which is the time you want to do at the district meet. I’m pretty proud of those guys for competing.”