‘Morbius’ not worth the price of admission


Emily Lynch, Staff Writer

The movie “Morbius” opened in theaters Friday, April 1. The movie stars Jared Leto as Michael Morbius aka the living vampire.

The movie was very predictable and could have been formatted into a short or something less time-consuming because it felt like the movie dragged on for longer than it should have. The scenes seemed disjointed with random information and no backstory to help the plot, and it seemed like there were many scenes that had been shortened.

The title character Dr. Michael Morbius is born with a blood condition and grows up in a foster home. He ends up becoming a doctor because he wants to find a cure for his disease. With his years of research and skills, he finally finds a cure for his condition, but it ends up being “a curse.”

I didn’t see anything eye-catching throughout the entire movie, because it didn’t have anything unique about it. The movie reminded me of the early 2000s “X-Men” movies with the way the CGI didn’t look as real as most current movies look. The only part of the movie that could be important to future Marvel movies is revealed during the end credit scenes.

“Morbius” wasn’t absolutely terrible; although, I struggled to stay awake towards the end of it. There were some action scenes that were entertaining. If you are a huge Marvel fan, I would wait until it comes out on Disney+ and not waste your money on a movie theater ticket.