MCU enters new phase with ‘Moon Knight’


Arnold Angelo Aureo, Staff Writer

Marvel Studios’ newest Disney+ series, “Moon Knight,” casts darkness and mystery to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), while bringing an obscure comic book character to light. The six-part mini-series was created by Jeremy Slater who is also known for his work on “The Umbrella Academy.”

The story centers on a mild-mannered Steven Grant who is played by Oscar Isaac. Grant is a museum gift shop worker who suffers from dissociative identity disorder. His quiet and lonely life turns into chaos as he discovers more about his past and his connection to the Egyptian moon god Khonshu who is voiced by F. Murray Abraham.

Opposing Grant is cult leader Arthur Harrow, played by Ethan Hawke, whose enigmatic presence brings an atmosphere of fear and mystery to the series.

The first two episodes quickly hook the audience through its vague yet effective storytelling. It keeps you wondering what is going on and only reveals enough to make you ask more questions. This is effectively combined with the action sequences and is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Although the story has a much darker tone than most MCU shows, it is balanced by the humor brought by Grant’s awkwardness and cluelessness. Isaac’s portrayal of a socially-inept man who is spiraling down to insanity is compelling. It is effective in making the audience feel pity for the character while simultaneously laughing at the absurdity of the various predicaments he encounters.

On the other hand, Arthur Harrow is an eerie figure who is sure to make you uncomfortable whenever he is on screen. Hawke’s courteous tone and gentle mannerisms deliver a very convincing cult leader.

Despite many major differences, “Moon Knight” has been compared negatively to popular DC hero Batman. The series gives justice to the character who is not just a vengeful assailant, but a complex and well-written persona. “Moon Knight” also explores and brings attention to topics such as mental health disorders and Egyptian mythology.

The series so far is a fun, emotional rollercoaster that gives the audience enough thrills and enough time to wonder what is going on in between. To understand the show, you don’t have to be familiar with any of the previous MCU movies and shows which makes it more friendly to those who are not MCU fans. It is an entertaining ride for the mind that is certainly worthy of your time.