Observations on personal style


senior Lily Russell

Love Silva, Staff Writer

Teenage years are some of the most hectic times in a young person’s life. Everyone is trying to figure out who they are, and who they want to be.

Some people choose to show it through clothing and makeup.

I find this interesting since, and I express myself through makeup, so I decided to interview other students who express themselves in a creative way.

Freshman Violet Castillo caught my eye because she has blue hair with green highlights and applies dark makeup with heavy eyeliner. Her clothing choices are often baggy, dark clothing.

freshmen Violet Castillo 

“I went from being kind of feeling forced to be in a basic kinda style, which I did not like and didn’t feel like myself in,” Castillo said. “Then I was able to express myself more and become more comfortable with myself and happier.”

Castillo describes her style as “dark streetwear.” She’s usually wearing many bracelets, black clothing, and anime t-shirts from Hot Topic.

“I like dark style, and it makes me happy–makes me feel comfortable–and I can express myself,” she said.
Her hair reminds me of Monster High dolls with the bold colors and chunky highlights.

“There’s not really anything my style is inspired by,” she said. “It’s just what I like. I like black, chains and strappy pants.”

Another student who caught my eye was freshman Melody Hoang. She had an alternative but formal style, and the underpart of her hair is bleached.

freshman Melody Hoang 

“I just saw them [clothes/influencers] on social media and decided I want to be dressing like that cause it’s really pretty,” she said. “I guess other people would describe it [her style] as e-girl style,” Hoang said.

Hoang often wears mini skirts with thigh highs and button-ups. On a day she “doesn’t wanna try,” she just wears leggings and a hoodie.

It can be scary dressing differently from everyone else, especially when teenagers are often ridiculed for standing out. But, I personally get excited when I see other people dressing in a way that catches attention.

Another student who stands out is senior Lily Russel. Russel looks like a pink-haired, grunge fairy who wears dark, earthy colors in stark contrast to the curly, pastel pink hair.

“I’ve gotten a little more bold with my style, and I started dressing however I wanted without caring what other people thought,” Russel said. “I realized I would be happier if I was just myself.”