Senior aims to help students prepare for college


Arnold Angelo Aureo, Staff Writer

CollegeBoard gives students an opportunity to spread information regarding access to college help through its BigFuture Ambassador program, and senior Katiana Porter is currently the only SHS ambassador

Porter said ambassadors like her can help significantly since they are able to share information easily.

“It is easier to get the word out to our peers this way because they (students) do not have to go through tons of websites and emails,” Porter said. “Students would be more comfortable to talk to their peers rather than doing a bunch of research.”

BigFuture Ambassadors seek to help students through hosting seminars regarding various topics such as SAT, college applications and scholarships. Porter said she hopes to host some seminars regarding SAT.

“I know there are some seniors that are looking to take the SAT this year, and I think I can help them,” she said. “I want to know where seniors are struggling the most, so I can look up practice questions and give them the help they need.”

She said she was offered the position because of her participation in CollegeBoard surveys. She added that taking opportunities like this can make a good impression on colleges as it shows a student is experienced.

“Taking the time to provide regular feedback to college related organizations can make a big difference,” Porter said. “If you do even just small things to help CollegeBoard, then they will do things to help you too and provide you opportunities to prepare you for college.”

According to the CollegeBoard website, students can sign up to be a BigFuture Ambassador. The program is open to all students in grades 9-12 ages 14 and older. For more information visit