New club offers opportunity to play volleyball

Makeda Ephraim, Writer

The start of a new year also brings new student clubs. The latest newcomer is the men’s volleyball club.  

Junior Crosston Smith, who pushed to add the new club, said they have been trying to form a team since September 2020.

“I decided to start a men’s volleyball team because it’s a sport I love,” Smith said.  “I thought that if there was no other person doing it, I would just start it myself.” 

Smith teaches the beginner players along with help from juniors Blake Phelps and George Bui, who both previously played volleyball competitively. 

“I joined because of mutual interest, and I wanted to see if I could get good at it,” Phelps said. 

The team is gradually gaining team members where they are able to learn how to play the game and improve their skills.

Bui said part of the inspiration for the volleyball club was the anime series “Haikyuu!!”  The series follows a short boy who joins his school’s volleyball club and is determined to become a great volleyball player.

Right now, the club spends time practicing and working on skills with no competitive matches scheduled against another team.

“If we could get a match set up against the girls team, I would be ecstatic,” Smith said. 

The men’s volleyball team practices every Tuesday and Thursday 3-4:30 p.m.  They practice in the gym on Tuesdays and outside on Thursdays.

Anyone interested in joining the new club can  “either talk to me personally or contact our sponsor Ms. Miller, and she will get you in contact with me,” Smith said.