2nd season of ‘Outer Banks’ leaves fans wanting more

Makeda Ephraim, Writer

The Netflix original series Outer Banks made a comeback for season 2, and fans are satisfied. Season 2 was released July 30.

The mystery thriller follows John B (Chase Stokes), Pope (Johnathan Davis), JJ (Rudy Pankow), and Kie (Madison Bailey) on an adventure to find out the truth about the disappearance of John B’s father. The show keeps you engaged through the many plot twists, and the cliffhangers at the end of most episodes leave you unable to turn the show off.

It begins with the teens running away from the police, setting the mood for the rest of the show as the rebellious teens scavenge around town looking for any clues to point them to John B’s missing father. 

Throughout the show I found many of the conflicts felt repetitive to watch. The conflicts were all dramatic and life threatening. At a certain point you need balance, and the second season didn’t have that. 

There were many points in the show where a lost phone or a sprained ankle would have been more fitting than someone getting murdered or shot. The first season wasn’t nearly as dramatic about these conflicts, but the second season really struggled with this.

Like the first season the character writing was pretty good, except for Kie’s character. They gave Kie no real depth. She was just ‘the girl in the group.’ I would like to see them do more with her character. There are so many possibilities with her character being a kook while everyone else is a pogue.

“The show was great, but I was expecting more of JJ,” freshman Isabella Bennet said. 

Like many other fans, Bennet was disappointed that heart-throb JJ was included in the show much less than he had been in the first season. His charming, impulsive, bad boy persona has many fans of this show swooning over him.

In the first season he has issues with his father being an abusive alcoholic, but during the second season we see some healing of their relationship. 

Later in the season a long awaited couple finally come together, and we find out a shocking secret about John B’s father. We see more of Kie’s parents and understand her a bit more. 

Overall this season there are new couples, drama, murder, secrets, and adventures to look forward to.