Meet the new Mustang educators


Arnold Angelo Aureo, Makeda Ephraim, Ryan Mitchell, Andrew Paredes, Ethan Schmidt, David Siburt, Jacob Simon, and Neema Thomas

Name ​Wendyle Andrews 

Subject/Responsibilities NV Mixed Choir, A Capella, Men’s Chorus, Spur of the Moment

College​ Oklahoma State University

Prior Experience ​I was teaching the middle school choir in Edmond, Oklahoma. 

Favorite Activity ​In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my dog Winston and spending time with friends. 

Best Advice ​When something gets tough, don’t immediately give up. Push through and figure out how to make it work. When you come out on the other side of whatever the situation was, you will be able to be proud of yourself that you stuck it out and saw it through to the end.

Preferred  Superpower I would want to have Telekinesis. Mainly because I think it would be cool to control things with my mind, and I think it would save me a lot of time if I could control things with my mind.



Name Shannon Barton

Subject/Responsibilities FBE teacher 

College I went to many, but the last one I went to was Texas A&M.

Prior Experience Pathfinder Achievement Center (PAC)

Pets Yes, I have 2 dogs and a cat.

Favorite Activity Spend time with my family, I love to do karaoke, and I collect antiques.

Best Advice To stay true to themselves, to be who they are, and to develop skills to the best of their abilities.

Preferred Superpower I think it would be to heal people from illness and emotional sadness, to help people that can’t always help themselves.



Name Maegan Benavides 

Subject/Responsibilities Color guard coach

Prior Experience I worked at Lake Dallas High School as the color guard director, and I worked at Melissa High School as the middle school color guard director.

Pets Yes, I have two – a Shih Tzu, and her name is Luna.  I have a Doxie-Scottie mix, and his name is Kai.

Favorite Activity I like playing chess. I play a lot of chess.

Best Advice You only do high school once. Do everything you can in high school–be involved.

Preferred Superpower Teleportation, just so I could go anywhere in the world.



Name Tyra Clayton

Subject/Responsibilities Social Studies, Special Ed, Class of 2023, Gifted and Talented, new teachers, and technology

College University of Arkansas

Prior Experience I was an assistant principal at North Forney High School for the last two years. I was at Sachse for six years prior as a teacher and an instructional coach.

Pets Unfortunately not, but I do love dogs. I dog sit for my friends sometimes.

Favorite Activity Spending time at the beach, particularly with family.

Best Advice Learn how to completely embrace your strengths and weaknesses and grow from them.

Preferred Superpower I would have the superpower to build confidence in others.



Name Tiffany Dale

College Tulane University

Prior Experience Coach at Royse City

Favorite Activity Spend time with my daughter/family.

Best Advice Create relationships and build connections on all levels.

Preferred Superpower Telepathy





Name Tera Diamond

Subject/Responsibilities Family and  Consumer Sciences, Intro to Culinary Arts, Interpersonal Studies Principles of Human Service

College Texas Woman’s University

Prior Experience Private practice as a counselor, marriage and family therapist. I taught in Frisco and Lewisville.

Pets Two cats Chloe and Gus

Favorite Activity Sleeping and baking

Best Advice Always try your hardest in everything you do.

Preferred Superpower Being able to erase memories because some of our memories aren’t always happy. 



Name Kristen Dozier

Subject/Responsibilities Human Growth and Development, Counseling and Mental Health, and Interpersonal Skills

College University of North Texas

Prior Experience I actually graduated from Sachse, but this is my first year teaching.

Pets I have two dogs, Rickey and Gus who are Pomeranians.

Favorite Activity Spend time with my family and friends, reading, and spending time outdoors.

Best Advice It’s never too early to start preparing for your college education.

Preferred Superpower Mind reading, because I feel like I am already good at reading people.



Name Austin Hatten

Subject/Responsibilities Money Matters, Principles of Business, Personal Finance,  and a coach for the baseball team

College Texas State University

Prior Experience Hudson Middle School

Pets A Puppy Black Mouth Cur named Sergeant 

Favorite Activity Taking my dog to the park.

Best Advice Invest yourself in whatever you care about.

Preferred Superpower Mind Control, because it lets you do anything you want.



Name James Hawkins

Subject/Responsibilities Special Education, Science inclusion Special Ed teacher

Prior Experience University of North Texas

Pets A dog named Macy.

Favorite Activity Walk my dog and spend time with my family.

Best Advice Always know that your teachers always have your back and always try your best.

Preferred Superpower Flight, you could go anywhere you want in a flash.



Name Rachada Iturrino

Subject/Responsibilities Art 1, Art Applied, Ceramic 2 & 3, Sculpture 2 & 3

Prior Experience Springfield College (where basketball was invented)

Pets Yes, a Vizsla (dog), named Tigger.

Favorite Activity I love going to the beach with my family.

Best Advice Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example in speech, in conduct, in love, and in faith.

Preferred Superpower My superpower would be able to fly then I can go anywhere I want at any time. 



Name Kristin Miller

Subject/Responsibilities English I

College Wheaton College in Illinois

Prior Experience I taught international students from all around the world for about 10 years.

Pets I have a dog, Andy.

Favorite Activity I like to run and read biographies.

Best Advice You’re not going to die.

Preferred Superpower Being invisible because I could see things, and nobody would know I was there.



Name Chris Moody

Subject/Responsibilities Economics and coach

College Nebraska Wesleyan University

Prior Experience I worked for a company called Paragon Furniture which manufactures school furniture–chairs, desks, tables, things like that. I sold them.

Pets I have two dogs. Zelda is an English Mastiff, and Lucy is a Golden Retriever 

Favorite Activity Watch sports–all sports–but during their seasons, football and baseball.

Best Advice Make smart decisions in life, try to eliminate bad choices and further your education.

Preferred  Superpower – Anywhere in the world, no tickets for a flight, I can just fly there.



Name Cathryn Moseyee

Subject/Responsibilities Vocational Adjustment Coordinator, I work with all students who receive special education services and help them with their transition plans.

College University of North Texas and Dallas Baptist University 

Prior Experience I used to be a job placement specialist with Project Search, which is one of our 12 plus programs with Garland ISD.

Favorite Activity I’m a mother of two, so free time doesn’t really exist.

Best Advice Work hard in your classes, and there are other courses you can take other than 4-year college. Sometimes people who take that route end up with a better paying job than someone with a master’s degree. Find your niche then find the best higher education route that can ultimately make you enough money. Love the job you’re doing.

Preferred Superpower Reading minds, so I could see people’s true intentions. I’m a huge believer in nonverbal communication, so I pick up on body language, but sometimes it would be nice to pick up on body language.



Name Efe Osawenmwenze

Subject/Responsibilities Principles of Architecture and Architectural Design I

College Southern University 

Prior Experience McKinney Boyd High School

Pets A dog named Onyx.

Favorite Activity Watch Netflix

Best Advice Whatever you want to do, first you gotta have the belief to do it.

Preferred Superpower Read minds, I could help people before they made mistakes.



Name Carly Pearce

Subject/Responsibilities U.S and World History

College The University of Georgia and Southern New Hampshire University

Prior Experience Sellars Middle School

Pets Cat named Link

Favorite Activity Hang out with my family or watch comedies.

Best Advice Learn how to use a planner now, so you’re organized later.

Preferred Superpower Mind Control, so I can make people do what I want.



Name Emaleah Rutherford

Subject/Responsibilities Chemistry

College University of Texas at Arlington and Texas A&M Commerce

Prior Experience I was at Poteet High School in Mesquite for five years. I primarily taught Physics.

Pets I have three dogs: Lily, Chloe, and Sophie. They are little, funny dogs.

Favorite Activity I like to go thrift shopping, do crafts, painting, and reading. We live in an old house, so I normally have some kind of project going on. 

Best Advice School does not just teach you content like reading, math, and science. School also teaches you skills that you need as an adult. Always do your best and use everything as a learning experience. 

Preferred Superpower I think I would fly, so I can get to places quicker, and I do not have to sit in traffic.



Name Susan Smiley

Subject/Responsibilities Sports medicine all day every day

College Tarleton State University

Prior Experience This is my 26th year. I worked 11 years at Plano East High School and 14 at Lovejoy.

Pets I have two dogs, Sunshine and Sadie Mae.

Favorite Activity Going to the park with my dogs, traveling, reading, and scuba diving.

Best Advice It’s really easy to get stressed out, but just slow down and enjoy it.

Preferred Superpower Healing would be a good one since I am in Sports medicine.



Name Daxton Swanson

Subject/Responsibilities AVID Teacher, Football and Track Coach

College University of Toledo and Sam Houston State University

Prior Experience I taught in Waco, Texas, at my alma mater La Vega High School. That is where I worked for the past three years.

Favorite Activity In my free time, I like to go fishing, bowling, shoot pool, play sports–pretty much any outdoor activity.

Best Advice Whatever you want to achieve in life, it takes dedication and hard work.  Do your best to pursue your goals.

Preferred Superpower I would say flying. I think it would just be fun to be up there and not deal with traffic. You can also get to see a lot of things from up above and be free.



Name Dylan Swarers

Subject/Responsibilities Football Coach, Economics teacher

College Webber International University and Stephen F. Austin University

Prior Experience Holmes Community College as a college football coach

Pets Two cats, Lola and Oakley.

Favorite Activity Relax and spend time with my wife and kids. 

Best Advice There is no substitute for work ethic. With a good work ethic, you can be good at anything.

Preferred Superpower Teleportation, because I am tired of waiting in traffic, standing in line, and being late for things.



Name Garett Tucker

Subject/Responsibilities I’m a percussion director so a lot of what I teach is drums, drumline–anything that is percussion really.

College University of North Texas

Prior Experience  I worked as a percussion director for two years at Frisco and a year at Terrell.

Favorite Activity I like to play music and do some gigs.

Best Advice Everything you do will become a habit, so if you practice success you will become successful.

Preferred Superpower Hot dog vision from fairly odd parents.



Name Brooke Vermillion

Subject/Responsibilities When a parent wants to pick up a student I make sure that the student leaves with the right parent, when kids come in late I direct them where they need to go, I make sure that anyone else who wants to come into the building has an appointment, and keep out anyone that doesn’t need to be here. I’m like the ultimate hall monitor!

College Art Institute of Dallas for culinary arts

Prior Experience I worked at a dentist’s clinic.

Pets I have two dogs. They are both black lab mixes. 

Favorite Activity I like spending a lot of time outdoors. I like to go kayaking, riding my bike, swimming, being in my garden–pretty much anything outside.

Best Advice Stay in school and don’t let little things ruin your day. Don’t blow little things out of proportion to where it ruins your day because you’re just going to be miserable and holding onto things. You should just get over it and get back to school and not let little things bother you!

Preferred Superpower Flying, I mean come on, that’s like the best one!



Name Cassandra Warren

Subject/Responsibilities To help students when they need help with assignments, also a paraprofessional

College University of Phoenix

Prior Experience Pathfinder Achievement Center (PAC)

Pets No pets

Favorite Activity Listen to gospel music, blues and do jigsaw puzzles.

Best Advice Always respect others, no matter how you feel.

Preferred Superpower I would rather help people that have diabetes – to figure out how to cure it without medications because I’m tired of medications.



Name Kyle Wynn

Subject/Responsibilities Paraprofessional

Prior Experience: I worked three years at Naaman Forest High School.

Pets: I have three dogs–Bama, Lyla, and Ellie.

Favorite Activity I like to go hunting and fishing.

Best Advice Just be the best you can be, follow your dreams, and don’t let anybody tell you you can’t do anything.

Preferred Superpower Invisibility, so no one can see me.


Darrin Sharp is also new to SHS but did not respond to interview requests.