Entertainment options that maintain social distance


Ryan Mitchell, Writer

It’s been a year since COVID-19 shut down schools, restaurants and entertainment venues.  A year ago, no one could have predicted we would still be under strict restrictions about gathering in crowded venues.

The restrictions have forced us to get creative with our gatherings and entertainment.  

With warmer weather on its way, one of the cheapest and readily available places is a public park. With countless activities such as walking your dog, or working out, or even practicing your sport, you can still take all the necessary precautions all while enjoying a public outing with friends and family.

“As an athlete I’m constantly looking for places to play,” junior Alex Rangel said. “I often find myself at the park with my dad taking ground balls and working on my game all while being able to take the necessary steps to stay safe,” 

Another option is an activity where you have your own space away from others. Activities like this can include bowling, top golf and even paintball. 

“Ever since quarantine started, finding something to do has been hard,” senior Haley Sage said.  “One of the few things I have been doing is bowling. Once you rent a lane they space you out, and you can enjoy a good time with friends or family.” 

Movie theaters can be another great option, as the theaters separate the different groups accommodating the ideal social distancing requirements.

Museums are also very safe as you get to walk around with your group looking at the various exhibits away from other groups while also being in an educational environment.

Miniature golf or even disc golf are also safe options since they are also outdoors.

This is also the perfect opportunity  to try new things. The possibilities are endless. Whether you decide to try sand volleyball or try fishing, the most important thing is finding safe ways to spend your time.

“Since the start of the pandemic I’ve been trying to stay busy,” junior Camden Rafferty said. “I spend most of my time at the golf course or driving range, but I’ve also found myself playing spikeball and board games with my family.”