Making resolutions for 2021


Ryan Mitchell, Writer

January is more than half over.  Are you still keeping your New Year’s resolution?

Whether it’s losing weight or going to the gym more frequently, a resolution is a way for people to evaluate their lives and resolve to make changes or improvements for the coming year.

Junior Jude Avery said his New Year’s resolution was to stay positive.  

“Over the past year I’ve dealt with a lot of negativity and negative situations,” Avery said.  “Once I got away from that mood, I was a lot better.  That’s why I decided to make it my goal.” 

Some people tend to set goals in their resolutions that are sometimes hard to meet. 

“It’s important to set New Year’s resolutions to challenge yourself,” sophomore Maddy Lamb said, “also it holds yourself accountable and helps you better yourself.”

Lamb said her resolution this year is to spend her time more wisely.

Not all resolutions are based on personal challenges.  Some people make resolutions based on improving relationships with others.

“This year my resolution is to get closer with my family,” junior Pierce Foy said. “To do this we have been watching movies and playing games regularly since the beginning of the pandemic.” 

Some resolutions can have positive outcomes for future goals. To be successful with the resolution, it often times requires a person to acquire a skill that can be used later on.

“2021 is the year I am starting college, so for my New Year’s resolution I am trying to get better at budgeting,” senior Ashlyn Smith said. “I plan to set a certain amount to spend so I can go into college already knowing how to save money.”   

Many people often fail their New Years’ resolutions. If the resolution is really important, you should not give up, but continue to develop good habits.

“This year I tried setting a few resolutions, but I already have failed one,” sophomore Gracie Flores said. “I got side tracked, but now I know I need to work harder to accomplish my goals.”  Flores said the resolution she failed was working to not procrastinate.

There’s always those people who don’t set New Year’s resolutions for whatever reason.

“I didn’t set any resolutions because I think it’s important to try and do better every day,” junior Kayla Olthouse said.