Junior starts business during quarantine


Junior Abby Guess models one of her beaded chokers.

Kristin Gooding, Editor in chief

While most students spent the early days of quarantine binge watching Netflix one student put that extra time and boredom to good use.  Junior Abby Guess used her time to start a small business, Abby Dene Designs. 

Guess has been running her online shop since April 30 and has made over 60 sales. She designs and creates affordable beaded and wired jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings and keychains for her shop. 

“Everything in my shop is under $15,” Guess said.

Guess started making jewelry a few summers ago just for herself based on what she wanted to buy, but once quarantine in March hit she decided to take it one step further. 

“I decided that I wanted a way to make money and do something I am passionate about, so I started my business.”

Running a business while attending school is challenging for Guess, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she is able to attend school online.This makes it easier to run her business and complete her school work,  but it does come with downfalls.

“Sometimes I would rather work on my business than do my school work, so sometimes I let myself get behind in schoolwork because of that,” she said.

Guess said she loves making jewelry to see the finished product which makes all the time she spends  worth it. She also enjoys designing her products based on current trends..

She would always see jewelry and stores and wonder how it’s made. “Now I can say for myself that I can make it. It’s so interesting to know and see all the steps that it takes to make something,” Guess said.

Guess said a big part of her brand is inclusivity, making sure that anyone is able to wear her designs.

“Even though my main demographic is teenagers, I want to make my brand inclusive to everyone.”

You can check out Guess’ designs at abbydenedesigns.com or on her Instagram at abbydenedesigns.