Among the best

Jacob Simon, Writer

“Among Us,” the murder-mystery game, is the latest rage. Even though it came out on June 15, 2018, people are discovering how fun and challenging the game can be.

The game app is downloaded to your phone or your computer and supports cross-play so friends can choose their gaming platform. There is a voice chat option within the game, but others choose to use discord because it can be easier if you’re playing on a computer.

“I played a decent amount of hours in the game, and it is pretty fun even without the voice chat with friends,” junior Sara Grob said.  “I really enjoy the mechanics of venting and player tasks.”

Individuals are assigned to one of two teams within the game, either crewmate or imposter. Crewmates complete various tasks within their group. The tasks often consist of trash disposal and connecting wires. To win the game, crewmates must either complete all of the assigned tasks or figure out who the imposter(s) are. 

Imposters are able to fake tasks and sabotage certain elements of the map like cutting off the oxygen supply, disrupting the reactor, and trap crewmates in rooms by closing doors. They can also move around the map quickly by using air vents in the ground (this is called venting). The imposters win if they manage to “take out” all of the crewmates before their tasks are done. 

Depending on the amount of players in a game, the time per round can vary. The best way to play, in my opinion, is with 10 players where rounds can last 10 to 15 minutes.

“Among Us” is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB, 4/5 by Common Sense Media, 3.5/5 by App Store, and 8/10 by Bonus Stage. The game is an engaging and addicting multiplayer game that people love to share and play with their friends. 

It has been made clear that people prefer playing as the imposter over crewmate, because playing as an imposter allows players to be smart and try tricky maneuvers. As you plan your moves, stress levels spike and adrenaline rushes through your body, and does not calm until the round ends.

“It’s way more fun to trick and kill in the game, than figure out who is doing the killing,” Grob said.  

Within an “Among Us” game, players can choose their specific colors and hats. You can also get pets that follow you and outfits you can wear as you play, but sadly that costs real money. 

There are dangers to playing games online with other people. Just the other day, I was playing and someone attempted to catfish me and other players in the game. Also there could be people seeking to harm others. Predators can use public games seeking to trick unwary players. 

“Child predators are everywhere, and it is as easy as giving your phone number away in the chat,” Grob said. “As long as little children are taught not to do that and teens and adults use common sense, they should be safe.”

To be safe when playing “Among Us,” don’t give any personal information away to anyone no matter what you think might happen. If players don’t feel safe playing in a public game, they can host or join a private game with friends they know. A private game requires a code from the host to join.

Will you be an epic gamer or will you be a skeeving imposter?