Binge worthy shows on Netflix


Ryan Mitchell, Writer

Since television production schedules abruptly stopped in March because of COVID-19, we’re out of new television shows.

Granted, Netflix has tried to keep us in the loop by adding a new show every so often, but if you’re anything like me, it just isn’t enough. With nothing new to watch coming to the streaming service, binge watching shows already available is a great alternative. 

Here are my top series picks that are available on Netflix:

#5. “Community” is a comedy about a lawyer named Jeff who is recently disbarred and finds himself at Greendale Community College. Jeff decides to start a study group for all the wrong reasons. The group eventually evolves from your typical study group to more of a family or a community.

#4. “Raising Dion” follows a widowed mother who is struggling to  adjust to life without her late husband and the responsibilities of being  a single mother. Life is hard enough, but it gets even worse when she learns about her son Dion’s psychic powers. She vows to protect him and make sure his power doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

#3. “Avatar: The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra” is an anime that even non-anime lovers will learn to love. “The Last Airbender” is about a young boy who disappears for over 100 years, only to find out that the world he used to love doesn’t exist. He finds himself as a blossom of hope in a world surrounded by a war that only he can stop. “Legend of Korra” is the sequel series which takes place about 70 years after the last Avatar. Korra and her friends find themselves against some of the most powerful benders of all time with the fate of the world in their hands. 

#2. “Stranger Things” is about a group of young teens from Hawkings, Ind. who find out their small town has quite a few mysteries when they begin searching for their missing friend.  With little help, they must rely on each other in the most dire of situations. Nothing can bring a few kids together better than multiple life or death situations.

#1. “Supernatural:” Sam and Dean are brothers who fight the paranormal. They hunt monsters that most people believe are only in nightmares while dealing with not so typical family problems and protecting the people they love most from supernatural creatures.

The shows that didn’t make my top five cut but are worth watching include:

  • “Outer Banks” is about a group of teens trying to solve a century old mystery while meeting unlikely foes along the way.
  • “The Flash” follows the fastest man alive who works with a few geniuses to solve crime.
  • “Parks and Recreation” is a comedy that follows Leslie Knope who will do anything in her power to make her city beautiful, but she needs all the help she can get.
  • “All American” is a drama about Spencer who is a football player with more than enough talent on the field, but off the field his life is anything but perfect.
  • “The 100” is a dystopian series that focuses on earth after it becomes unlivable following a nuclear apocalypse.  After 97 years, a team of juveniles are sent back to earth to create a habitable environment.