Tips, tricks for remote learning


Ryan Mitchell, Writer

We haven’t been in a regular classroom since before Spring Break.  Distance learning comes with challenges, and many students struggle to focus on class during remote learning. The struggle may continue for almost 50 percent of students who chose the remote learning option, but there are strategies remote learners can use to still be successful in class. 

One of the biggest challenges students face is loss of the typical morning school routine. When there’s no urgency to get up early to catch the bus or fight traffic at school, it’s easy to get lazy.  

Whenever you wake up, go about your day as if you are attending school face to face. Get out of your pajamas and brush your teeth. Instead of leaving for school, take whatever device you need for class and find a quiet working spot with minimum distractions. You may even want to set up a designated area just for online school because the goal is to feel as if you are still in school.

Another tip for successful learning is to avoid things that you wouldn’t do in the classroom. Since you wouldn’t show up to class in your pajamas or lay down when the teacher begins teaching, you probably shouldn’t do it online.  This may seem like one of the hardest tasks, but it will help with staying focused.

During online classes it is much easier to fall behind than face to face because there are hundreds of distractions around the house. It is important to stay focused on class. We all know how distracting playing with the pets or texting your friends is,  so it is best to just cut out all distractions.

Finally, participate in class the same way you would if you were in face to face learning.  Don’t be afraid or nervous to ask questions about any problems you might be having. Also, take advantage of online tutorial times.  Each of our teachers want to see us succeed. 

There is no such thing as a perfect working environment. The key is to find what works best for you and create a routine that works. 

The main goal of online school is to ensure that you’re receiving the same education you would if you were going face to face. So next time you find yourself logging onto school just think about a few small things you could change in your daily routine to better yourself as a student.