Junior class rings in new tradition


Junior Matthew Story receives his ring from teacher Elizabeth Murdock at the inaugural SHS junior ring ceremony.

Kristin Gooding, Editor in Chief

Tradition is prevalent in Sachse and this year the Junior class officers have developed a new tradition, the Junior Ring Ceremony. The Ring Ceremony is used to honor the juniors’ time at Sachse as they are presented their class ring by a teacher of their choosing. The ceremony was held Monday, Dec. 9 in the auditorium. 

The juniors involved in the ring ceremony choose the teacher to present their ring based on who has influenced their lives from elementary through high school. 

“I asked my eighth grade English teacher to give me my ring because I loved his class, and he made me love English,” junior Hailey Spencer said.

The presentation of the ring was a touching moment between the student and their teacher.

“The ring ceremony was a chance to honor students’ time at Sachse and let kids who aren’t able to make the top ten percent a chance to show their appreciation for their favorite teacher,” junior class president Thom Pham said.

In addition to the ring ceremony, juniors had the opportunity to pick the new official Sachse class ring designed by the student body and class officers or design their own through Balfour. 

“My hope is that the ring ceremony continues to grow and becomes a yearly event because it defines Sachse as unique because we’re one of the only schools in our district to do this,” Pham said.