Principals make good on promise


Principal Shae Creel and assistant principal Ray Young fulfill their promise to office from the roof after SHS staff raised more than $2000 for the Garland Education Foundation.

At the end of September, principal Shae Creel challenged the SHS staff to raise $1000 for the Garland Education Grant Foundation.  If the staff raised the money, he promised to “office” on the roof for an entire day.  The assistant principals joined the challenge and agreed that for every $500 after the initial $1000, an assistant principal would join Creel on the roof for the day.

Creel, assistant principals Ray Young and Melinda Crook enjoyed the sunrise from the roof this morning and are working from their laptops.

The Garland Education Grant Foundation helps support grants and scholarships to Garland ISD employees, many of which have been awarded to Sachse faculty and staff.

Assistant principal Melinda Crook set up her office on a lower section of the roof located between the old and new sections of the building.