Go to the Go Center


Go center counselor Sarah Thrash helps senior Emily Erickson through an ACT workbook.

Kristin Gooding, Editor in Chief

Out of 736 SHS seniors, only 395 are college, career and military ready (CCMR) meaning they have met the TSI criteria, but the Go Center is here to change that.

The purpose of the Go Center is to provide help for students with their plans after high school whether it’s scholarships, financial aid or college applications. The Go Center is located in room 131 and is run by counselor Sarah Thrash.

“If you’re the first person in your family going to college, it’s very helpful to have Mrs. Thrash there to help you with the application process. It’s easier for you and your family,” senior Lizbeth Rodriguez said.

Students can get information about the SAT, ACT and TSI including registration deadlines, test dates and even Sachse’s own PSAT/SAT boot camp.

“SAT and ACT are the main components that schools look at between GPA and test scores,” Thrash said. “If your test scores aren’t where the college wants them, then that can ultimately mean you’re not accepted.”

The Go Center also helps upperclassmen in choosing the best college or career route depending on the chosen major, size of the college and other variables that go into selecting the best post-high school career path.

“The Go Center has helped me looking at college options that I could possibly apply for with my SAT scores and ACT scores and they helped me register for those two tests,” senior Amiya Demus said. 

The hours of the Go Center are before school, after school, during lunch and during class with a pass. If the Go Center is closed there will be a note on the door with Thrash’s email if you need to get in contact with her. 

The Go Center is also selling “Fight Song” t-shirts for $15. Proceeds go towards senior scholarships.