The neverland you never knew

Mustang Theatre presents latest play


Kristin Gooding, Writer

Mustang Theatre is back at it again with their Main Stage show, Peter and the Starcatcher on Jan. 17- 19. The show follows an orphan named Boy who never grows up and Molly who are trying to save a magical substance called “starstuff” from a fearsome villain, Black Stache.

Peter and the Starcatcher blends comedy with touching topics like finding your home, the depths of despair and the bond of friendship. With a small cast of 14, all of the actors are required to play multiple parts–like narrators, pirates, mermaids, and the island natives, the Mollusks–besides their principal characters.

“I love playing multiple different characters because of the ability to just switch from one to the other in an instance and just have fun with it and do different accents and wear different costumes,” senior Lucas Sanders said.

This show is allowing Mustang Theatre to bring in a different aspect of theater production that they would not have used in another show. This show uses foley which is when a foley artist makes the sound effects live instead of audio recorded ones. For this production, the foley artists are located in front of the stage so audience members can watch them making the sound effects for various things like a whip or the wind.

“The best part of foley is coming up with the different sounds and coming up with the unique ways to represent them,” senior Braden Luttrull said.

Another thing that they’ve added for this main stage show is audience stage seating. On both sides of the stage, there are boxes that resemble ships where the audience is on the stage with the actors. They added the boxes to give patrons a different view of the play and involve the audience in the scene.

The actors have been working on this show since before Thanksgiving break. They also spent part of their winter break rehearsing and have had many long evenings after school perfecting the show.

“After all the work we’ve put in,” Sanders said. “It all pays off because of the feeling that we were finally able to put together this story and make these characters our own.”

 Tickets are available online at or at the door for $8 for students, $10 for adult and $15 for on-stage seating.