Color guard begins winter contest season


Neema Thomas, Staff Writer

Mixed with a beautiful assemblage of interpretive dance, flag spinning and rifle tossing, the color guard has started preparing for winter guard season. 

Most people are familiar with color guard because of the visuals the team adds to the band’s marching show during halftime performances and band competitions. But, when marching season ends, the team prepares a whole new show without the band as the winter guard team.

Just like in marching season, the winter guard team performs with flags and rifles, but the difference is the performance moves inside to recorded music.

With added talent to the group, this year’s winter guard has a varsity and JV team. The varsity team is performing to the song “Clouds” by Before You Exit, and the JV team is performing to the song “Fireflies” by Ron Pope.

Winter guard competitions aren’t solely high schools performing, like in the marching season. Competitions in the winter guard season can go as far as Winter Guard International, which is a competition for winter guard teams all over the U.S. 

In the past, the winter guard team has made it as far as Worlds in the WGI competitions.

“Not only is it [WGI competitions] for groups in our division,” senior Thalia Major said, “it’s also groups that are in universities or adults. So, it’s [WGI] a huge deal.”

For winter guard members, competitions are a big deal. The competitions aren’t within the district, so many times students give up their weekends to drive and perform at these competitions.

“I don’t mind it,” junior Rachel Hawkins said. “The competitions for winter guard are actually really fun, and also it gets me out of the house.” 

The winter guard team practices on Mondays and Wednesdays after school and the practices are shorter compared to the marching season practices.

“In my opinion, marching band is harder because the practice times are longer, and we practice almost every day,” senior Erin Liles said. “But, we still practice really hard during winter guard season.”

Their first competition is Feb. 5 at Prosper High School.