Football season ends in disappointing loss


Genell McClendon

senior Luke Keefer

Ethan Schmidt, Sports Writer

The Mustangs football season ended in the first round of the playoffs after a 42-19 defeat against the Mesquite Skeeters.  The Mustangs finished with an overall record of (7-4) and went (6-1) in district play.

Mesquite came out and scored 14 quick points to lead 14-0 at the end of the first quarter. Sachse then scored 12 unanswered, and it was 14-12 with just a few minutes left in the half. Mesquite scored one more touchdown to extend the lead to 21-12 at half.

“We definitely were not all on the same page in the first quarter, but we were able to bring it back in the second,” defensive tackle junior Jaron Counts said.

The Mustangs came out at the beginning of the second half and scored quickly to make it 21-19. They were not able to keep that momentum going, and the Skeeters scored 21 unanswered points to finish the game..

“We played our hearts out, and did the best we could,” quarterback senior Alex Orji said. “I love these guys out here and can’t wait for the next chapter.”

In the week prior, Sachse ended the regular season with a 21-20 win over Naaman Forest. Both teams were heading into that game with a (5-1) district record competing for the number two seed. 

Sachse started off the first quarter with an interception return for a touchdown by Skylar Chester on just the second drive of the game. Naaman then scored twelve unanswered points to head into halftime with Sachse down 12-7. 

“It was a great way for us to get the momentum,” defensive back junior Skylar Chester said. “Defense kept playing great after that.”

The Mustangs scored on the opening drive of the third quarter to take the lead 14-12. The score remained as they headed into the fourth quarter when Naaman scored and then went for a two point conversion. With just nine minutes left in the fourth, Sachse took the lead and held it from there to win 21-20.

“We stepped up when it mattered most and got the win,” defensive end senior TK Burnley said.