Cross country teams working towards district meet

Arnold Angelo Aureo, Editor in Chief

All four cross country teams placed well at the Showdown at Sabine Creek Ranch in Royce City meet with the boys varsity and JV placing third and fifth respectively and the combined girls varsity and JV team placing second.  

On their previous meet at McKinney Boyd on Sept. 11, the boys varsity team placed 17th, and the girls varsity team placed ninth. 

“This season started worse than others,” senior Ike Edmondson said. “We placed quite low in our past meets this season. We train every week, and we try our best. I would say we have improved a lot.” 

The team is hoping to perform well at the district meet this year. Freshman Emma Katic said the team is putting all their effort into reaching their goal.

“We do our best to overcome all the challenges we have faced so far,” Katic said. “We have had a lot of injuries this season, but we do our best to overcome them and work through the pain.”

Cross country coach Chris Moody said he believes the team will overcome their challenges and hopes that the team will reach their full potential before the end of the season.

“Cross country is not an easy sport,” Moody said, “but the feeling of accomplishment makes it all worth it. Even the training, where we run for 8 miles, really is such an accomplishment.”