New season ushers in new offense

Ethan Schmidt, Sports Writer

With a new offensive coaching staff for the Mustangs, we are in for a dramatic shift in the type of play calling this season.

Coach Forrest Williams takes on a new role this year as the offensive coordinator. Also new to the offensive coaching staff are quarterbacks coach Torrance Williams, running backs coach Darrin Sharp, and new wide receivers coach Dax Swanson.

Coach Forrest Williams could bring in an offense that we have never seen before this season. Sachse has had a history of running out of the spread, but not like they will be doing this season.

¨We are faster this year, everything will be at a higher pace than last year,¨ coach Forrest Williams said. ¨We will see more discipline and tempo.¨

He said they will be utilizing some tight end formations, and even a wingback formation at times. The power I offense is a new formation they will be running this year, so it could be interesting to watch.

Sachse finished off 3-5 last year in the regular season and averaged 31 points per game.. Not bad numbers, but they definitely could have done more with the talent they had.

Quarterback senior Alex Orji is the backbone of the new offense Sachse is putting together. He led the offense last season and is looking to lead us to another District Championship and playoff run this year.

The new offense ¨works a lot with us–especially our personnel and scheme,¨ Orji said. ¨Instead of making us fit in a scheme they have, they are making the scheme fit us.¨