‘Kissing Booth’ doesn’t redeem itself in third installment

Neema Thomas, Staff Writer

The Kissing Booth – One Last Time, part of the Kissing Booth trilogy, lives up to its terrible reputation amongst viewers.

The movie picks up where The Kissing Booth 2 left off with Elle (Joey King) deciding where to attend college. She leaves that decision for later and finds a beach bucket list she and her best friend, Lee (Joel Courtney) made as kids.

As the summer break comes to an end, Elle becomes more and more overwhelmed with her summer job, completing the bucket list with Lee, and trying to figure out if the college she chose was right for her.

As Elle is overworked and deciding her future, someone from her past re-enters her life (Marco from Kissing Booth 2) making her summer break that much more overwhelming. And, as luck would have it, conflict ensues between her boyfriend Noah (Jacob Elordi) and Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez). Noah believes Marco is still after Elle and arguments drive Noah and Elle apart.

The film is a dramatic teen rom-com rated for ages 14+. The soundtrack features artist Tim Myers and bands such as Cmd/Control. I thought the music fit the overall aesthetic of the movie, especially when Elle and Noah had a sad moment and “Faded” by Colouring plays in the background.

Despite a handful of positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, most of the reviews are glad the Kissing Booth trilogy has ended, calling the plot “confusing,” “boring” and having “horrible characters.” I agree with that fact as well. The dialogue between every character makes it seem as if everyone is a five year old and everything is being blown out of proportion.

All three movies are filled with exaggerated dialogue, plot holes, a simple story structure, and uninteresting characters. The movie currently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 21%.

I was confused about the story line for half of the movie, the consistent tension, and the conflict between each character made the movie hard to watch. I give this movie a 3/10, because I’ve seen better movies like this. It just felt like since this was the last movie of the franchise the writers got lazy and didn’t put in as much effort as they did in the first movie.